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Here you will find a small selection of pleasant, practical stuff.

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from CHF 40.00 *

Natural deodorant cream Joyfullife

100% Natural deodorant. Handmade Swiss product.

from CHF 18.50 *

Sanitary pad Starter set "Bio-Cotton"


from CHF 79.00 *

light sanirary pad in Bio-Cotton

light sanirary pad in Bio-Cotton

from CHF 10.90 *

Menstruation pads with wings "Bio-Cotton"

Pantyliner easily bio-cotton

from CHF 16.90 *

SniikPiik Breastfeeding cover

A scarf to shield the baby while breastfeeding in public.

from CHF 39.50 *


from CHF 89.00 *

Fur-detergent Zofilan

For the gentle care of the fur.

CHF 12.00 *

Dondolo Baby hammock

Swinging and bouncing, lulled into a gentle and restful slumber.

from CHF 168.00 *

Dondolo Door frame clamp

A simple attachment of the Dondolo Baby hammock.

CHF 30.00 *

Ear compress - Headband

The easy way for earache.

CHF 28.50 *
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Neck compress

Wickel & Co.® helps you «stay healthy» and «be healthy» heavily.

from CHF 17.70 *

Compress of beeswax, 20 x 14 cm

The healing warmth of beeswax is extremely effective in coughs and colds.

CHF 11.40 *


CHF 24.00 *

Hooded Jacket women

Hooded Jacket women

from CHF 60.00 *

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