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"Tender Blossoms"

These elegant and filigran Earrings combine style and elegance into a real eye-catcher. Best suited for a wedding.

CHF 85.00 / pair(s) *

"Royal Wedding"

A pair of filigrane earrings made from multiple artfully interwoven string of white and golden beads and crystals.

CHF 79.00 / pair(s) *


A unique pair of three dimensional earrings from white and golden Swarowski-Crystals and white and golden Pearls.

CHF 109.00 / pair(s) *


A pair of elegant earrings in pure white. The embedded crystals and the various pearls make this gem ideal for every wedding.

CHF 95.00 / pair(s) *


A pair of classic plain earrings. Artfully woven spirals from white glass pearls, crystals and beads.

CHF 75.00 / pair(s) *


An exclusive pair of earrings in white and jade green colors. The delicate crystals and pearls have been woven in the style of traditional lace.

CHF 64.00 / pair(s) *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery